HelloI'm a creative thinker who believes that anything is possible as I'm an optimist at heart. I believe in the power of design and I love it. I express my creativity not only within UI/UX design but also within illustration and photography.

Personal info Many years of experience in helping companies all around the world to develop design-thinking products has given me this power to lead any project from early stage of design to a functional and valuable product that million of people use and love.

While I am a specialist in Product Design and Development, I also have a good hand in Visual Design, Software Development, and Business Intelligence.

All this has given me a very unique insight into my work. I understand what clients/users want and why they need it.

I love what I do.

Experience Senior Product Designer
World Singles Networks    July 2014 – Present

Senior UI/UX designer, Front-end developer
MapJam.com    September 2013 – September 2014

UI/UX and Graphic Designer
Keele UX Inc.    January 2011 – September 2013

Bornis Group    2001 – Jan 2011


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Jack Gonzalez, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of MapJam.com

“Behzad is one of those rare gems you find in the infinite pool of designer talent around the globe. Over the years I've had the pleasure to work with many designers in both hemispheres but no one comes close to Behzad's creative genius, execution and professionalism. Behzad delivers to brief, on time and to budget and is a pleasure to work with.

When most people say they have challenges working with remote designers halfway across the globe, I say, talk to Behzad. Distance and time differences become insignificant when you are working with Behzad. It is without hesitation that I personally recommend Behzad to anyone who wants a beautiful and functional UI for a great user experience.

If there's a Michelin guide for designers, Behzad deserves a Five star recommendation!”

Scollay Petry, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of MapJam.com

“I’ve been working with Behzad for nearly two years, and in that time he has consistently delivered great results, often within hours of a request, day or night, or when traveling.

One of the first comments a potential investor makes when looking at our company and site is, “WOW - GREAT UI and design!” It’s that design and ease of use that’s gotten us a lot of attention globally and has helped to secure a growing list of world-class clients.

Another key factor in getting our product to market and continually improving is that he not only delivers great design, but the pixel-perfect code behind it, making our implementation even that much easier.”

Cole Mackin, President of Keele UX Inc.

“Behzad is a creative force who blends pixel perfection with a deep understanding of user experience design / ui development. He deeply understands how to simplify complex views/user flows and will always iterate to a solution that will absolutely delight users. He was by far one of the best designers/developers we have ever had the pleasure of teaming up with. He took initiative, has an incredible work ethic and was just a great guy to have on the team. I'd highly recommend Behzad for any design & development work -- especially within the web and mobile app sector.”

Pardeep Kullar, Co-founder, Likeourselves.com

“Behzad has a great depth and range of talent combined with a work ethic that companies all look for. He took the initial LikeOurselves spec, completed it with exceptional work and then did something very rare. He thought through, designed and completed additional work, on his own initiative, on ideas we were only just contemplating for the future. At that point, we had to have him as a team member and it's one of the best decisions we made.”

Rydal Williams, Founder of FoxMetrics

“Pixel Perfectionist! Behzad's creativeness, talent and work ethic is just what we needed when we were looking for someone to redesign FoxMetrics for the future. As of this writing, the new design of FoxMetrics produced by Behzad is our top compliment received from our customers on a daily basis - they love it! We will continue to work with him for as long as we can.”

Parsa Ghaffari, Co-founder, AYLIEN

“Behzad has got eagle eyes when it comes to pixel-perfection, comes up with creative forms for things that haven't existed before, and is a productivity monster.”


Current Activity / Experiences

I believe Dieter Rams' ten principles to "Good Design" is enough to describe what i try to do while designing

Good Design:
• is innovative
• makes a product useful
• is aesthetic
• makes a product understandable
• is unobtrusive
• is honest
• is long-lasting
• is thorough down to the last detail
• is environmentally friendly
• is as little design as possible

World Singles Networks Web Application

As the product designer, I lead the project from scratch, designed, developed and manage frontend team to redesign the whole app which is being used by millions of people around the globe. This new design increased some of the main KPIs 2x-4x which had a great impact on company revenue and success.


World Singles iPhone App UI

I was in charge of Product design, Sketiching, Interface and Visual design.


Future Camera App UI (Personal)

Just playing around in photoshop to make my dream comes true ;) PSD cl.ly/LG5E - more info http://drbl.in/fWtG

LikeOurselves iPhone App UI v2

I was in charge of Product design, Sketiching, Interface and Visual design. you can download the app here


MapJam.com Wep App UI

I did UI/UX design and Front-end development.
It has a Fluid Responsive UI. I used Sass, Haml, CSS3, Bourbon to develope. mapjam.com


FoxMetrics Analytics WebApp UI

Redesign of new FoxMetric system. a Customer Behavior and Life-cycle Analytics webapp foxmetrics.com


WTM Web App UI

User Interface and Visual Design of entire a large resturant management system - Created at KeeleUX


Weetup Mobile App Idea

User Interface and Visual Design


Sweepstakes iPhone App UI

One of my top most appreciated Visual designs!

Eyeona WebApp UI

I was in charge of User Interface and Visual design of this web app - Created at KeeleUX


Web design

Current Activity / Experiences

Web design and development has been my main job. I've worked on more than 40 websites from wire-framing & prototyping to mock-ups and developing the final product, giving me a depth of expertise in this field.
I always use the latest web standards in my project.
I hate IE but I have good experience in beating its faults, even IE6.

World Singles Networks

Design and Development of a responsive website for worldsinglesnetworks.com


Design and Development of a responsive website for mapjam.com


Design and Development of a responsive website

Pond5 website v2

I redesigned homepage and some internal pages of the new pond5 website - Created at KeeleUX

Likeourselves.com website and webapp

I was in charge of web, interface, visual design and frontend development.



WTM Dev Center & App Store

- Created at KeeleUX

DailyBurn Landing page

I designed and developed some landing pages for DailyBurn fitness website - Created at KeeleUX

Pond5 v2 Features Introduction

- Created at KeeleUX

GeeknetMedia Homepage

- Created at KeeleUX


Current Activity / Experiences

I remember the days when i was playing with QBasic on my IBM PS2 M60.
Over the years I've experimented with many programming languages include VB6, VB.net, C#, Java, PHP, ActionScript, Javascript and...
I've developed a lot of software from small apps to large enterprise systems. I'm always ready to experiment with more technologies and programming languages.


Current Activity / Experiences

Illustration has always been my passion, I've spent more time on it in the last year and it seems I have a talent for it, which I was not aware of before.

Le Rocket

Sticker pack designed for TopTopic


Illustrarion for FunFacts.app

DailyBurn Apps Badges

- Created at KeeleUX

DailyBurn iOS Apps Icons

- Created at KeeleUX

WTM App Icons

- Created at KeeleUX

Painting Icon (personal)

LikeOurselves landing page Illustrations

Winter Comes to dribbble Wallpaper (Personal)

Poker Icons

- Created at KeeleUX

Pond5 My Account Icons

- Created at KeeleUX

Logo design

Current Activity / Experiences

Designing logos is not my job but I've done logos in my free times because I love it.
Some of them are here for sale!


Current Activity / Experiences

Seeing the world through the viewfinder helped me to see beautiful things that we've forgotten in daily life.
I've done industrial photography. Control of lighting in the studio helps me to do better lighting and shading while I do illustration.
I've been awarded two Honorable Mentions in Architecture and Nature categories from the 2010 and 2011 IPA (International Photography Awards)

Check out my >> Instagram << for more photos

Sketching & Wireframing

The Magic of Pen and Paper !
Sketching, with an actual pen and paper, is the first part of my UI/UX and graphic design process.
There are many more pixels in a piece of white paper to bring ideas to real life rather than a screen. I feel like I'm more creative while sketching.

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